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French Property Pre-Contract Enquiries


How to deal with Pre-Contract Enquiries
If you finally come to a decision on buying a house, apartment, estate or land in France and there is exactly the property for sale which you are ready to get possession of, then you are highly recommended to employ services of a notaire for signing the sale and purchase contract, although his level of independence in the entire sale process is pretty limited. Of course these officials are responsible for making some pre-contract enquiries that, in fact, are confined just to establish proper legal title of the property. So you had better make your own additional enquiries and discuss the circumstances you`ve found in front of the notary officer before signing the sale and purchase agreement, you may even press for the inclusion of the clauses you want in the contract, like those dealing with access or the services to the property, if they haven`t been introduced in the agreement from the outset.
Anyway, the legal drafting of the necessary clauses is in the hands of the notary officer. He must keep you in the picture on the clauses you should seek in the pre-contract enquiries. Just follow the link Pre-Contract Enquiries to learn them.

So the final list of the enquires includes the clauses relating to the property for sale that must be reviewed diligently, for the most part the notary officer is obliged to undertake these enquires. And you, in your turn, should look through one more paper attentively as early as possible – the plan cadastral (cadastral plan) for the property for sale you`ve found. This document provides you with the total information about the boundaries of the land, estate or other property for sale, because each parcel of land on it is numbered and the boundaries are defined clearly. The plan cadastral is also pretty important for future resolving of the possible boundary disputes that`s why you had better study it carefully. Usually this plan for the whole parish is in the city hall, but, nevertheless, the vendor must have a copy of the document to let you learn it. And after the final discussion of all the clauses relating to the property for sale you should be necessarily shown the copy of the plan by the notary officer at the time of your signing the sale and purchase contract.
So as for the procedures taking place in France before you put your signature in the sale and purchase contract itself you should bear two points in mind: do not neglect undertaking your own complementary enquiries for further making the contract include the clauses you want and do not forget about viewing the plan cadastral under any circumstances to learn the boundaries of your potential property for sale.


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