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Fixtures and Fittings: Property in France

 Fixtures and Fittings: Property in France

Sometimes when you buy land or estate in France there can be some fixtures or fittings on the property for sale. So if there are some, then you should have an inventory be prepared for you, which later must be attached to the sale and purchase contract. You may buy all the items separately without making these costs included into the total price of the property for sale. If so, then you must discuss every item with the seller in detail before putting a final price on each of them. And, what is more, a notary officer should verify this discussion in order to avoid possible misunderstanding later between the parties concerned. But do leave any fixtures and fittings untalked of in no way, because you must necessarily know about the items that are sold to you with the main property for sale and that are not.

So what exactly are fixtures and fittings?
Generally considered that ‘fixtures’ are items that are secured or bolted to the walls or floor and ‘fittings’ are free standing items. Here is a list of some common fixtures and fittings :

  • Central heating systems
    Kitchen units
    Bathroom suites
    Built in wardrobes
    Plugs and sockets


  • Paintings, pictures and mirrors
    Curtains and rails
    Free standing kitchen appliances
    Other free standing furniture
    TV aerials & satellite dishes
    Carpets and lampshades

Capacity of the Parties

One of the main aspects of the verification process is a capacity of the parties. In this particular case it is referred to the documents both the parties concerned must submit to let a notary officer be satisfied as to their identities. So you, as a vendee, should be ready to provide your birth and marriage certificates together with the passport as well as the vendor. But quite often an owner of the property for sale is married, if so, then the notary officer needs to find out who in the family is at liberty to sell the house or land, and whether or not the conscription of both of the marriage partners is in need. And in case the owner of a house or land for sale you`re going to buy is elderly or handicapped, then to complete the real estate deal the consent of court of law or guardian is demanded.

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